Greenheritage will be implemented in 5 European countries (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Latvia and Spain) and it will produce the following key results:

  • A methodology for the management, preservation and protection of ICH in the face of CC based on a needs analysis in partner countries but also across EU.
  • An interactive map showing examples of the most endangered areas and regions in Europe where CC has started to impact negatively different types of ICH.
  • A blended learning program on ICH and CC consisting of 4 online modules and 4 transnational physical workshops, targeting cross-sectoral PhD candidates, researchers, and policymakers & practitioners.
  • A micro-credentials program on ICH and CC consisting of 4 online modules targeting a broader audience.
  • 5 policy roundtables and a final conference bringing together scientists, researchers, community leaders and policy makers.
  • 5 policy briefs, and a handbook on the state of play of ICH and CC impact at EU and national levels including key project results and final recommendations for policy change.
  • A long-term action plan ensuring transferability of project results.